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Spray Tanning

Professional spray tans in the comfort and relaxation of your own home. No need to rush to get dressed straight away and risk ruining your fresh tan!

I have a range of Sienna X solutions available including:


Leave on for 8-10 hours to develop. Comes in a range of depths to suit your skin type and needs. ​​


Rapid Tan

Designed for people that want to look gorgeous without sitting around in a guide colour for hours. This solution can be washed off after as little as 1 hour and will continue to develop over the next 8-10 hours. 

All solutions have natural & organic ingredients and are cruelty free & vegan. 


Spray Tan Advice

How do I prepare for my sunless tan?

Make sure your skin is in tip top condition with regular moisturising and exfoliation. The better hydrated your skin is, the better your tan will look!

The day before your tan, exfoliate your entire body well. Pay particular attention to elbows, knees, around the feet and ankles and anywhere else you have dry skin. 

Any hair removal should be done at least 24 hours before your appointment.

On the day of your tan, should you shower or bathe, please do so no later than 4 hours before your appointment.

Ensure your skin is clear of deodorant and perfume and do not apply moisturiser or lotion on the day of your appointment.

Have loose dark clothing for after your spray. Tight clothing, straps and socks will cause the tan to rub off.

90% of how your tan turns out is down to you! Follow the prep and aftercare advice I give you and you will have a safe, glowing tan for 5-7 days, maybe even longer!